Hello, I’m Jaime (Jumi), a product designer living in San Jose, originally from beautiful country, South Korea. I am currently working as a UX/UI designer at Ecosense in silicon valley. I want to be a UX designer who can empathize with users. I’m passionate about providing the solutions to users and guiding them in a better way. I believe the solution will not be the best and last, especially in the fast-paced era we live in. My backbone of design thinking comes from not only the UX industrial that I studied and work but also from my previous career as an interior designer. I think all design solutions should be based on user-centered design and a positive return to the environment and society. I enjoy working with various people from different backgrounds. When I'm not designing, I spend time with my family, travelling, camping (Redwood State Park is my favorite place), and watching SF movies.

Feel free to contact me!