- School Project
2018 / UX & UI Design
App and Product design
Design the mobile app and smart collar for pet owners in case of emergency
2017 / UX Design
Mobile app
Case study and design the mobile app to find a parking spot in San Francisco
2018 / UX Design
App and interactive Bart map
Mobile app and interactive bart map design for travelers in San Francisco using AR
2018 / Branding
Kiosk app
Create a kiosk app branding system to track origin of food
2018 / UX Design
Carplay and mobile app
Carplay and mobile app design used for long distance travel for kids and family
2019 / UX & UI Design
Automotive UI Project
Collaborate project that user research and design life style for Subaru users in 2030'
2017 / Web development
Website (carstomize.site)
Design and development for website that customizable toy car


I am currently working as a UX/UI designer at Ecosense the startup in silicon valley.
I passionate about providing a solution that the user needed and guide them in a better way.
I believe the solution will not be the best and last, especially in the fast-paced era we live in. Evaluate and iterate the ideas and designs is the most critical part as a designer. My backbone of design thinking comes from not only UX industrial that I studied and work but also from my previous career as an interior designer. I think all design solution should be based on user-centered design and a positive return to the environment and society.
And of course deliver pixel perfect design in every way.

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